Time is Money.

Nobody understands the value of time better than players in the Capital Markets. In modern high-speed markets a micro-second is worth a million dollars and trading systems that can't keep up will lose money to much faster, predatory algorithms. But execution time is just one part of the equation. Finance is evolving rapidly; each quarter brings new challenges in the form of more demanding regulation, larger volumes of market data, greater volatility and more competition. And with the tremendous challenges come tremendous opportunities. New technologies and sophisticated Big Data models open doors to new, powerful types of financial innovations. 

Faster, Better, low cost...Without Fail

To win today in the Capital Markets you must do more with less and do it faster. The days of batch processing are over; clients demand real-time visibility and answers to all their questions. Similarly, the days of multi-year technology roll-outs are finished. New strategies must be deployed, evaluated, and rapidly iterated -- all in the same day. The challenge is to build innovative solutions and to do it faster than your competitors.

At Neeve Research we have worked with our financial customers to quickly build trading systems that satisfy the most demanding trading requirements. We've developed everything from ultra low-latency algorithmic trading systems to risk management solutions that monitor every position in real-time. We also know first-hand that to build trading systems that win it's absolutely necessary to assemble best of breed technologies and establish strategic partnerships. Now we want to do it faster, better and cheaper.

Electron is a solution for building trading applications.

  • It is built on the X Platform™, revolutionary new in-memory distributed computing platform.
  • Every Electron application is guaranteed to process every message with zero message loss and to do so at extremely low-latencies or high throughput rates
  • Electron provides high-performance, open-source components for free. Don't waste time re-inventing the wheel. 
  • Electron integrates with other best-of-breed solutions to provide market data, connectivity, sophisticated financial modeling and even FPGA acceleration.

Join Us!

If you want to build great trading applications and do it quickly contact us at solutions@neeveresearch.com. We want to work with you today to understand your challenges and we can help you figure out how (and if) Electron can help you conquer those challenges.