Zero Garbage Streaming Applications

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Streaming event-driven architectures are what enable companies to achieve low-latency. When latencies matter, one cannot suffer the consequences of an ill-timed GC. And Murphy's law being what it is, there are always bad GC's.

So, how does one avoid them? Well, there are a few options. The best of those is to write zero-garbage code. However, writing zero-garbage code is not easy. Unless, of course, you use frameworks such as the X Platform™. Join us as we discuss streaming in the zero-garbage world.


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Fire & Forget: How to Build IoT Message-based Microservices Apps

May 2, 2018 - 6:30 PM ET

(Hosted by Atlanta Hadoop Users Group and Neeve Research)

IoT encompasses many areas of tech that pose difficulties, but chief among them is the problem of scale. In this specific context, scale refers to receiving relatively simple messages and processing them, but receiving an unprecedented number of them. How does one process a few-billion messages a day? a hour? a second? 

The answer to this burning question is micro-services. But that in itself poses more questions. How do you do this at scale? How do you account for reliability? Can you do edge computing? What about state? Application state? User state? What happens to state during a failover? These are the devil-in-the-details kinds of issues that make or break a project.

Some topics we’ll be discussing

  • Event-Driven architectures
  • How to leverage memory and state
  • Building HA systems

By coupling the distributed event-driven architecture with in-memory computing and next generation transaction processing, we allow you to write incredibly performant systems without compromising on reliability or redundancy. Join us to discuss event-driven architectures, how to leverage memory and state, and see how X Platform™ fit’s into this landscape allowing you to write highly available micro services based systems that serve out millions of requests in microseconds without having to compromise at all on reliability.

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Microservices: What are they and why are they so hard?

May 3, 2018 - 6:30 PM ET

(Hosted by Atlanta Java Concept Pros and Neeve Research)

The tech industry is abuzz with the term microservices. Pick up almost any publication, blog or how-too’s and you will see them in one shape or another. Often they are referred to as actor-based systems, distributed systems, multi agent systems, etc. So - what’s the big deal? What problem do they solve? and if they are so good – why are they so hard to write?

Join us for this hands on discussion about micro services. You will discover what they are, how they use messaging systems to communicate, how they isolate and even prevent failures, how they speed up transaction processing, and how they lower the cost of hardware.  We will walk through how this incredibly simple yet powerful approach to software architecture requires you to know about messaging systems, storage systems, and high-availability. We will dive into code - we like to practice what we preach - and give you as many tools as possible during our meet-up time. We will discuss the following

  • How to wire multiple services together
  • How to handle failures
  • How to build event driven architectures easily
  • How to do transaction processing in a multi-agent world