What is the X Platform™

The X Platform™ is a platform for intelligent transactional applications. Intelligent transactional applications are applications that execute complex business functions on disparate and large volumes of data to make intelligent decisions in real time.

X is Powerful

X Platform™ applications are distributed, multi-agent applications. An X application is comprised of multiple, concurrently executing, stateful agents that communicate with each other using transactional message passing. Each agent, called a "microapp", is a lightweight message processor that possesses private, durable state residing entirely in the microapp’s local memory. The canonical operation of a microapp is to receive messages, execute business logic, manipulate state and send outbound messages. X routes messages downstream to interested microapps that, in turn, perform their operation on the messages. As a whole, an application's microapps all concurrently operate in an event oriented and message driven manner.

Applications structured as a system of agents each possessing private state and collaborating with each other using message passing is the microservice architecture pattern. Such an architecture is inherently resilient, highly concurrent, very agile and particularly suited to high performance transaction processing systems. The X Platform™ is a full stack platform. It implements the facilities and tools that take care of all the non-functional concerns of the application leaving the developer to focus exclusively on business logic. In doing so, X enables hyper-distributed systems that are data aware, extremely performant, completely fault tolerant, linearly scalable, highly agile and very adaptable to the business. These are key capabilities for applications that need to execute intelligent transactions at high throughput on massive amounts of data in real time. X can be used as a full stack platform or in an a la carte manner interoperating with other technologies that overlap with some of the X modules.


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High Availability

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Zero Garbage

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X is Simple

Simplicity is key in hyper-distributed systems. In such systems, it is imperative that it be very simple to be able to author and snap agents in an out of a system. Otherwise, there is a natural tendency to retrofit new data and functionality into existing agents thus reducing the system back to a monolithic state. Therefore, the core goal of the X Platform™ is to make it very easy to author, interconnect, deploy, manage and monitor such types of systems without non-functional compromise. In achieving this, X unleashes the full power of these systems.  

X eliminates complexity in four key areas. These areas are State ManagementMessagingRouting and  Deployment Management. In each of these areas X eliminates complexity but without compromising on the non-functional concerns of the system. In addition, X uses a technique called Atomic Event Processing,  pioneered by the creators of the X Platform™, that integrates in-memory data management, messaging and transactional compute in a manner that elevates simplicity to whole new level while continuing to allow systems to perform with extreme non-functional fidelity.


"Memory is Durable"

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"Exactly Once Delivery"

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"Discover Instead of Specifying Interest"

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"The Application Cockpit"

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X is Game Changing

The high non-functional fidelity that the X Platform™ enables allows X to be used to solve real world problems that were once considered impossible to solve. This opens up new possibilities for the business that were once compromised on because of inadequate tech. On the other hand, the simplicity of building applications using the X Platform™ also allows its to be used to solve problems that may not be as non-functionally challenging but can be solved in a much more timely and cost effective manner than other technologies. This broad usability with cross cutting benefits is essentially what makes X a game changing platform.

Lets Build an X App

To provide some context to the above, let’s build an application using the X Platform. For this illustration, we will build a simple application that receives a message containing a number from an upstream agent, adds the received number to a counter that it stores in its state and sends a message outbound to a downstream agent with theresultant sum.