Exegy provides best-of-breed technology for the normalization and distribution of real-time market data to top tier corporations in the financial services industry. Exegy's hardware accelerated and embedded ticker plant technology enable management and consumption of market data at ultra-low latencies and extreme throughputs with minimal effort. The market data management capabilities of Exegy are a perfect complement to X Platform's capability to transactionally move and process orders in front-office financial services applications.

Neeve and Exegy are co-launching the Viper Project. This project brings the X Platform's core philosophy of taking ownership of non functional concerns of applications to the financial services front office. By integrating X's transaction management capabilities with Exegy's ticker plant technology, Viper enables ultra fast, ultra low latency, in-memory and zero-garbage front-office applications to be built and managed with extreme ease and agility. The project seamlessly eliminates the phase mismatch that traditionally exists between order and market data streams. This ensures exactly-once "market-aware" processing of financial orders regardless of network, process or machine failures - all completely invisible to the developer. The developer consumes market data, performs in-memory processing of orders using the market data and Viper ensures that this executes blindingly fast, with zero data loss and invisible to the  developer.

Being a memory-oriented platform, the X Platform runs applications with massive working memories. Although X itself is garbage free, we recognize that implementing zero-garbage Java applications can be a significant investment for customers that may not always yield a commensurate return. Regardless, large heaps can result in significant pauses in application processing that can compromise system performance and customer experience. The Zing JVM from Azul Systems is a fully supported, standards-compliant JVM designed for enterprise Java applications with large working memories. It implements concurrent, pauseless garbage collection that enables consistent, predictable and low response times across high transaction rates and large working memories. Neeve includes the Zing JVM as part of the X Platform.

Solace Systems is a leading provider of high-performance messaging middleware. Solace offers both appliance and software deployment options that deliver low latency, high throughput and unparalleled robustness with low TCO. The X Platform fosters message-driven, collaborative, multi-agent applications. Such applications, particularly those that require low end-to-end latency, high throughput and zero data loss, are very messaging intensive and, therefore, demand sophisticated messaging backbones. Neeve and Solace have partnered to ensure a seamless, high performance and zero-garbage integration between the X Platform and Solace's messaging platform.