Talon is a platform to build, run and manage micro applications (‘micro app’). A micro app is

  • A lightweight, stateful application that resides on a messaging fabric.
  • Maintains private state as Java objects entirely in local memory
  • Collaborates with other micro apps using guaranteed eventing via its underlying messaging fabric.

Talon implements the machinery that allows a developer to treat memory as durable and the underlying messaging fabric as an exactly once transport medium. In doing so, developers of Talon micro apps just need to implement and expose their business logic in the form of message handlers to the Talon runtime.

NR_TALON_CHART_v1 (6).png

The Talon runtime uses configuration information to connect to the messaging fabric and drive the business logic embodied in the micro app message handlers in an exactly once, fully fault tolerant manner without compromising performance. What this translates to is extreme ease for the developer to author functional apps that are fault tolerant, scalable and perform at memory speeds. Talon applications routinely process hundreds of thousands of transactions per second, operate at single to double digit microsecond level latencies, generate zero garbage and perform zero-loss, exactly once processing across failures.