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Today’s innovative businesses process ultra-fast data streams at their core - processing must be fault tolerant and continuously adapt to changing data flows. The ability to work with exactly once streams simplifies development and is even more important as real-time streaming spreads and IoT begins to flourish.

Join Colin MacNaughton, Head of Engineering at Neeve Research, and Igor Mihaljevic, Lead Engineer at Kode41 for an in-depth discussion on how to build, monitor, and manage ultra high performance, fault tolerant stream based systems with extreme ease. This webinar will demonstrate an example based on real-time ad bidding using the X Platform - a revolutionary platform that allows users to execute bidding and counts in real time.

About the Presenters:
Colin MacNaughton, Head of Engineering at Neeve Research, specializes in high performance In-Memory Computing and enterprise middleware. Colin believes that memory oriented state coupled with asynchronous messaging is the inevitable path to high performance computing. 

Igor Mihaljevic, Lead Engineer at Kode41, specializes in high performance system design and development. Igor's professional focus is software architecture for Real-Time Ad Bidding, Game Backends, and Social Network analysis with Big Data in Target Advertising.