Why X Platform?

The X Platform™ not only enables you to author fast, reliable and scalable applications but also, very importantly, enables you to build and easily maintain them in an agile manner allowing enterprise applications to keep pace with the ever-evolving demands of a modern enterprise. Using memory oriented computing techniques, The X Platform™, for the first time, enables applications to be built such that there is never a compromise of any of the core nonfunctional elements of an enterprise application – performance, reliability, scalability and agility.  

How Easy is Easy?

A production class enterprise application can be authored using The X Platform™ in days depending on the complexity of the business logic required. For example, one customer authored a fully fault tolerant, highly performant application on The X Platform™ in just two hours and moved the application to production through QA in less than a week! 

How Fast is Fast?

The X Platform™ comes tuned for throughput or latency. Trading applications authored using X exhibit less than 10 microsecond latencies for “tick 2 trade” (from the point-in-time the trading engine makes the decision to trade, to the point-in-time the trade is on the wire on its way to the market). Another customer's gaming application processes more than hundred thousand transactions per second. An e-commerce engine authored using The X Platform™ can serve millions of web customers concurrently experiencing less than 100 millisecond response times. 

How Scalable is Scalable?

Applications architected using The X Platform™ leverage its sophisticated message routing and data gravity architectural techniques to partition data and process messages in concurrent “swim lanes”. By partitioning along a business metric, the system scales linearly as the business demand grows.

How Reliable is Reliable?

Applications authored using The X Platform™ perform without any data or message loss in the event of process, machine, network or data center failures. Recovery times for process failure are in the order or milliseconds.