Quality over quantity

Need we say more?

Growth but measured

Growth and learning for the company and for the individuals is important and must be fostered. However, it must be measured, deliberate and carefully planned. Growth is to improve, to be better. Growth for growth's sake is not growth. It is recklessness.

Rigorous but elegant

The X Platform is a platform used for mission critical applications. There is no excuse for lack of rigor when engineering such a product. However, rigor is not a substitute for elegance. Elegant software is a thing of beauty and a thing of beauty lasts forever. This philosophy goes beyond just engineering. It is steeped in all that we do at Neeve.

Innovate through experience

There is no substitute to experience when navigating the fine nuances of what, how and when to include a feature into a product. It is this experience that elevates a good product to a great one.

Wow, that is cool

When we engineer, when we innovate, when we have fun, someone looking in from outside will say 'Wow, that is cool!"

Serious fun

We do serious work here at Neeve. After all, we are part of a revolution and that is serious business. But it is of no use if it is not fun. We work hard but we play hard too.