Where do most customers see savings to justify ROI?
 Is there a trial/POC license? 
How is the product priced?
Are services required? 
Is the product supported?

Savings and increase revenue seen in:
Reduced time to build software
Reduced cost of advanced middleware developers
Reduction in testing times
Reduction in hardware footprint
Reduction in latency
Revenue drivers include:
Reduced time to market
Improved customer services
Performance gains often translate to income.

Both Free Trial and POC licenses are available, we encourage you to see the difference for yourself.
Up to 2 cores/processes can use our free software version and community support.
Over 2 cores can be licensed via subscription
We can also license only selected modules of the X Platform.
Typically services are not required. We can provide additional design and performance tuning if requested as our configuration services offering.
We provide 7x24 support with all software subscriptions.