Build extremely fast applications very easily at low cost

Memory oriented computing is a revolution that will change enterprise computing. It is fast, it is simple and it is powerful. What was never possible before is now finally made available to you by the X Platform™. Whether you are building a financial services trading engine that moves hundreds of thousands of orders per second with zero-loss from client to market in 10s of microseconds or a simple web service that you need to spin up in a few minutes, the X Platform™ is the platform for you. The X Platform™ is a Java based platform that enables enterprise grade applications to be built, managed and supported very easily and at very low cost. X applications are naturally ultra-fast, linearly scale and fault tolerant. All of this due to the power of in-memory transaction processing that the platform brings to your fingertips.


The X Platform™ leverages fundamental changes in the technology landscape to enable a new breed of enterprise applications. Learn how the X Platform™ leverages memory-orientation and multi-agency to build simple but powerful systems.


The X Platform™ is light-weight and very easy to use. Build your first highly performant, reliable and scalable application on X. You'll be up and running in less than 10 minutes.


The X Platform™enables application code with a zero infrastructural footprint. Learn how X enables you to write domain code that deals purely with business functionality invisible to all non-functional concerns.