5/9 - Webinar - Exactly Once Streaming

Even the most advanced software engineers and streaming products struggle to ensure every event in a stream (or transaction) is processed with 100% accuracy in sub-millisecond speed. Join Colin MacNaughton, Head of Engineering at Neeve and Igor Mihaljevic from Kode 41 as they share new techniques for accomplishing this with ease in the context of an Ad Exchange applicationOur hosts are two of the best low latency and distributed system engineers in the industry and have solved various challenges for mission critical systems at Fortune 300 organizations

3/28 - Webinar - Microservices in Microseconds

The Microservices application architecture pattern is rapidly being adopted across enterprises. Join Girish Mutreja, CEO at Neeve as he walk through microservices, the benefits of implementing a microservices architecture and why the X Platform is the platform for you to reap the full benefits of a microservices based architecture. 

In-Memory Computing Summit 2016

This is the video of the presentation by Neeve that that was awarded the Best Innovation Presentation at the IMC 2016

Trading Show Chicago 2016

Girish Mutreja, CEO of Neeve Research was interviewed at the Trading Show Chicago 2016. Our Conference Manager, Jesse Collin, asked him about his company Neeve Research and where he sees the industry heading in the years to come.