The X Platform™ offers a variety of support and licensing options designed to enable our customers and OEM partners from the first project until they have many applications fully deployed. The X Platform™ provides a cost-effective solution for budget-constrained startups and OEMs by offering options to start with no software subscription cost.

The X Platform™ comprises several open source modules (Lumino, Robin, Viper, and Eagle) and one closed source module (Talon). The closed source module, Talon, provides X Platform's core runtime and is required for every deployment. We have three options to help you get started and continued support as use grows.

Evaluation License

To help organizations evaluate our software to solve their performance and design challenges, we provide an evaluation license of the entire X Platform™. The evaluation license is a full featured license designed to help you evaluate the X Platform™ for 90 days. During this time, our field staff will assist with the evaluation and provide design guidance for your POC or evaluation. Our goal with each evaluation license is to enable your success with knowledge transfer and requirements reviews and design discussions.

Free License

We also provide a complimentary production license allowing access to the full X Platform™ to build and deploy applications using two processes with a maximum of an 8Gb heap on each process. Support for the complimentary license is via the community portal.

Commercial License

For larger customers and OEM partners that have application or support needs beyond the complimentary offering of our closed source module, we provide a commercial license with support that can be customized license depending on the pattern of use.


Can I get support for the open source module too?

Yes, we offer support for all our software modules.

Why do you price on an annual subscription basis?

We can provide both a subscription or a perpetual license model. Since many of our customers use our open source modules, the subscription model tends to work best since it aligns the support of the open source and the license of the closed source while providing flexibility for increasing and decreasing of annual fees based on your business changes. We do offer a perpetual option to assist customers needing to use capital funding.

Do you offer Enterprise License Agreements?

We do offer ELAs to support enterprise-wide deployments of the X Platform™. ELA prices are on a case-by-case basis, so please contact us to discuss your needs.

Is on-premise pricing and cloud pricing the same?

Yes, our software and support pricing is consistent across cloud and on-premise use.

What is an instance?

An instance is a term that refers to the configuration supporting one XVM.

How many XVMs will I need?

Your technical environment, use case, and the throughput you anticipate for your application will determine the number of XVMs you'll need. Our team of sizing experts will work with you to evaluate your project and help you determine how many you'll need.

What is included in your support?

Our support subscription offers a range of service levels, which can include:

-    24/7 support

-    Response times as fast as 30 minutes based on SLA

-    Full application lifecycle support from development to operations

-    Emergency patches and hot bug fixes not yet included in the open source distributions

-    Unlimited number of support tickets via our support portal

-    Remote Support

-    Online access to documentation, technical resources, knowledge base, and discussion forums

-    Product updates and upgrades for licensed modules

-    Quarterly Customer Reviews to discuss enhancement request, review support profile, update support contacts, and upgrade planning

The support subscription plans map both to the size of the environment supported and the level of support (e.g., speed of response) required. Neeve Research provides both operational and development support options too.

Do you offer training or services?

Yes, we offer both customer-site classroom instruction and professional services. In addition to our staff, Neeve Research has partner organizations that also offer Professional Services engagements.