In this webinar, we will discuss the advantages of HTAP architectures:

Fraud detection and other streaming/transactional systems that leverage AI and rules based big data fit into the area Gartner calls HTAP (Hybrid Transactional Analytical Processing). “When business moments are transient opportunities that must be exploited in real time, HTAP allows advanced analytics to be run in real time on "in flight" transaction data, providing an architecture that empowers effective response to business moments.” Business leaders can be informed of real-time issues, outcomes, and trends that necessitate action, such as in the areas of public safety, risk management, and fraud detection. 

We'll also present a live demo showing the fastest and easiest way to build applications using HTAP!

About the Presenters:

Colin MacNaughton, Head of Engineering at Neeve Research, specializes in high performance In-Memory Computing and enterprise middleware.

Igor Mihaljevic, Senior Architect at Kode41.